Our classes are conducted in small groups and we train in a relaxed friendly atmosphere, but everyone is expected to train hard. Our philosophy is that we treat everyone as an adult who trains because they want to be there, but we expect each student build the self discipline to push themselves to try their best.

Traditionally ranking of skill through grading or tests and wearing of belts have not been deemed to be important, but only the students' knowledge. Students tend to be aware of what level they are at, as the forms are difficult and it is obvious when they have started to be mastered. Due to this there are no grading fees common in other clubs.


Training in Hung Fut kung fu involve training in all four areas of Chinense Martial arts: kicking, punching, throwing and grappling or joint locking. Kicking and punching skills are taught first and grappling and joint locking later on in your training. We also teach a variety of traditional Chinese weaponry.

Our classes run for approximately an hour and half to two hours. The first half is usually dedicated to foundational training in kicks, stances punching and blocking practice. The second half to forms training and self defence application, usually derived from the forms. The last 15 to 20 minutes is dedicated to conditioning exercises designed to strengthen the muscles necessary to practice Hung Fut more effectively, then a cool down before going home.

We also practice regular free sparring (non-contact and optional) but only after a certain level of proficiency in foundational techniques.

It is expected that students dedicate time to training at home - learning new techniques from the instructors and then honing and refining them in their own time. This is vital to achieving a level of technical proficiency in the techniques and also serves to boost overall health and stamina.


To grade to a given level, students are expected to analyse their grading form and be able to apply each technique to a real fighting scenario. To demonstrate basic proficiency (i.e. a grading pass), students should be able to demonstrate at least one application per technique. Higher grades are awarded for demonstrating multiple applications per technique.

Please do not hesitate to contact our instructors for more information on gradings - contact details are on the Home Page.

Is This The Martial Arts Class For Me?

We cannot properly answer this question for you. We do recommend that you come try a class and possibly discuss your goals with one of the instructors when you are in the class. If we are are not for you we will be happy recommend other martial arts clubs that may be more suited to your tastes.

There are several areas that we can definitely address at this time:

Club Rules/Code of Conduct

  1. Always respect your instructors and parents. Always address Sifu and the instructors by their respective titles during class.
  2. Show respect for your fellow students - do not show off, be gracious and humble in your behaviour, help each other practice and always use control in your techniques.
  3. Do not start fights within or outside the school (kwoon in Chinese) - only use your kung fu for self defense.
  4. Do not be a bully.
  5. The use of bad language in the school is not allowed.
  6. Never come to training under the influence of alcohol or drugs, prescription or otherwise.
  7. Always present to class well groomed, clean, and with appropriate training equipment.
  8. Be punctual to class. If you are late, warm up on the side then bow to Sifu and ask permission to begin training so as not to interrupt the class. If you are unable to attend, notify the Sifu. Students must maintain regular attendance to ensure their continued place in the club. Exceptions are made for illness, work commitments, etc.
  9. Treat the training hall with respect - clean up after yourself and do not leave training equipment or weaponry lying around.
  10. Do not teach what you have learnt to anyone else without the Sifu’s permission.
Breaking of rules can lead to expulsion from the club.

Further Information

If you would like further information or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Paul Juraszek or Mark Macreadie - contact details are on the Home Page.