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Hung Fut kung fu was created nearly 400 years ago at the Shaolin Monastery in Fujian province, China, by a Bhuddist Monk namead Wun Li. Wun Li, having full knowledge of both the powerful hard style of Hung Gar and the softer flowing style of Fut Gar kung fu, combined the two creating the Southern Shaolin Hung Fut style.

The Hung Fut style is therefore considered to be a hybrid system. Its philosophies are a mixture of the two traditional martial arts systems of Hung Gar and Fut Gar. The system is based on meditation, breath control and various fighting forms that develop body coordination.

Hung Fut is a combat method that uses economy of movement in order to achieve efficiency. Its strategy is to throw the opponent into an awkward position that makes defence difficult and counterattack unlikely. There is no need to keep in contact with the opponent as the system uses interchangeable and flexible movements.

The blend of these two styles has resulted in a style that is unique in its incorporation of linear, ciscular and angular techniques which results in movements that are powerful and explosive, yet precise and without rigidity.


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